Custom BI Solution Features:

  • Tailored to Customer`s needs and available data
  • No need for hardware and software investments
  • Cost effective and quick to develop and implement
  • Can combine data from many different systems and databases
  • No need for system adaptations
  • Limited involvement of Customer`s staff

Custom BI Solution Benefits:

  • Superior performance monitoring
  • Improved quality of business decisions (Management by data)
  • Effective and efficient information sharing across the organisation
  • Timely business reporting without IT involvement
  • Consistent definitions and figures in business reports (Single version of truth)

Our Custom Business Intelligence Solutions

"Information for Business Success"

In today`s health insurance business the ability to process, analyse, share and exploit information is a critical success factor. Business Intelligence solutions provide the platform for monitoring and improving business performance.

At MNI, we employ our 12-year experience in Business Intelligence Technologies to deliver BI solutions tailored to your needs. Our Custom BI Solutions will help you utilise all your enterprise data and transform them into information and knowledge crucial to business success.

MNI`s Custom BI Solution typically consists of:

  • A Custom-designed Data Warehouse centrally hosted at MNI*.
  • A set of expressive dashboards that present business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to senior management - the Executive Dashboard.
  • A powerful data analysis tool utilising OLAP Technology - the Analytical Processing System.
  • A set of Business Reporting tools that enable complex reporting, analysis and information sharing.

* Local hosting is also available.