25 May 2016
"Go Live" for the MedNeXt BI on ExaData platform


As of 13/05/2016 we deliver our BI Service to our customers on Oracle Exadata Engineered Systems. MNI is among the few organizations worldwide to successfully complete such an upgrade using the latest technology with the purpose of increasing customer satisfaction inline with our commitment to serve our customers first and our strategic direction to provide the right solution in an efficient way. We will leverage the benefits of the upgrade to deliver the next digital initiatives through advanced analytics and the delivery of the monitoring tools to optimize our customer’s decision making process and improve their service to their customers as well. The focus of the upgrade is to deliver an improved end-user experience, maximize systems performance, and vastly reduce response time - our tests showed that performance gain range from 2x to more than 50x. The new system is anticipated to deliver these benefits at the same agreed cost.


10 May 2016
MedNeXt+ 6.04.01 is now available

Our third MedNeXt+ Minor Release in 2016 is available now. MedNeXt+ 6.04.01 release includes around 6 new functionalities, the creation of 1 new BI Publisher report in MedNeXt online to satisfy specific reporting needs and the resolution of support issues identified via our support service.

At a high level the new release will introduce:

  • Additional Strategic Functionality
    • Ability to introduce configurable “Cancellation Types".
  • Additional Functionality for Productivity Improvements
    • Productivity improvements in Sales Entity Page
  • Additional Validations for Application of Specific Business Rules
    • Modifications in existing claim rules
    • New claim rule
  • New/Modified Web Services
    • A new operation named Check Member Is Active is added to existing Member Information web service to check whether a specific member exists and is active in MedNeXt+ (i.e. not expired or deleted).
    • Member Information web service is modified to add the list of dependents and the addresses.
    • Provider Information web service is modified to add in the Provider Locations output structure the ‘Location Nbr’.
  • Creation of BI Publisher reports and Ad-Hoc reporting enhancements

Details of the new functionality can be found in the Release Notes which will be available on MNI’s Support site.


19 February 2016
MedNet Romania Goes Live with MedNeXt+

MedNet Romania started using MedNeXt+ last Friday, 12 February 2016, after a successful implementation that lasted almost 3 months. This is another milestone to strengthen our partnership with the MedNet group who is using our solution for more than 20 years. Many thanks to all people from MedNet group and MNI teams who worked together relentlessly for weeks to make it happen.

14 December 2015
MedNeXt+ 6.03.05 is now available

MedNeXt+ 6.03.05, our second major release in 2015 is available from 14/12/2015. It includes around 60 Customer customizations to support specific business needs, around 20 new functionalities and resolution of support issues identified via our support service. In more details:

  • Additional Business Functionality
    • Linkage of Multiple Networks to one package.
    • Ability to process foreign invoices.
    • Ability to define flexible payment methods.
    • Ability to define the "Target Date" when creating specific premiums for a policy group.
    • Addition of “Provider City” as a new Coverage Criterion.
  • Additional Functionality for Productivity Improvements
    • Automation for copying Category-Relation details.
    • Automation for creating premium details.
    • Automation in the creation of incident and claim.
  • MedNeXt+ Database Key Modifications
  • New Web Services
  • Creation of a number of BI Publisher reports and Ad-Hoc reporting enhancements

Details of the new functionality can be found in the Release Notes which are available on MNI’s Support site.

10 November 2015
ENSA - MedNeXt+ Go-Live for new business


After a successful implementation project, ENSA - Seguros de Angola started operating on MedNeXt+ in the Production environment for new business.
A major success in 2015 which inspires us to go further in innovation and performance.

Many thanks to all the people from ENSA and MNI teams who contributed to this great achievement. 

5 October 2015
Our Major MedNeXt+ Release is now available

MedNeXt + 6.03.04, our major release in 2015 will be available on  06/10/2015 and includes:

  • Introduction of further customization, automation and integration capabilities utilizing ORACLE BPEL Process Management and Oracle Business Rules.

  • Introduction of additional functionality in MedNeXt+

  • Additional customisation including extension of MDS from ‘site’ customization to ‘authority level’ customizations

  • Additional functionality to manage content and reports

  • Automations that will support fast data entry

  • Creation of new logging functionality

  • Creation of a number of new web services


Details of the new functionality can be found in the Release Notes which are available on MNI’s Support site.

1 September 2015
Mednet International - 20th Anniversary


In 2015 MedNet International celebrates its 20 year anniversary.  Two decades of continuous innovation and evolution have transformed MedNet International into a specialized software provider for Health Insurance Companies and Third Party Administrators in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.
Our state-of-the-art software, MedNeXt+, reflects an in-depth understanding of the Health Insurance business and continuous evolution over two decades.  It is a comprehensive, flexible, enterprise-wide health insurance solution that enables risk carriers to achieve fast time-to-market for new products, grow profitably, manage costs and improve service quality.
To celebrate this important milestone, we are thankful to all the people that have worked in MedNet International as the foundation of our success, to our valued customers who helped us make this anniversary possible by giving us the drive to succeed, and to all our Partners for their ongoing support of our efforts to excel and maximize our potential.
For the years to come we look forward to continue delivering superior value to our customers and we commit to excellence in all our products and services.

MedNeXt+ Release 6.02.15 is now available

MedNeXt+ 6.02.15 at high level includes:

  1. Around 20 Customer Requests, that include a number of customer specific BI Publisher reports

  2. Key additional functionality. For example:

  • In MedNeXt+ Custom fields entry page, the size of the “Custom fields” block is increased in order to display 5 more custom field rows and the “Detach” option is added in the “Custom fields” block.

  • New folders in Adhoc Analysis:

    • “Incident Associated Provider” Presentation folder under the Subject Area “Care Module”

    • “Sales Entity (Incident)” Presentation folder under the Subject Area “Care Module”

    • “Sales Entity Collaboration (Incident)” Presentation folder under the Subject Area “Care Module”

  • The information that is displayed in the “Premium Per Level Value” block that is currently available in the MedNeXt+ “Premium” window of the “Member Query” page is added in the “Premium” tab of the MedNeXt Online “Member Query” page


3. Customization functionality that includes:

  • New menu option in all invoice maintenance pages to open the Issue Query page and automatically view all the issues of the member of the invoice

  • New “toolbox” in the right side of the Hospitalisation and Outpatient page to show Incident Custom Fields

  • Additional search criteria and results fields in the Authorisation page

Details of MedNeXt+ 6.02.15 functionality can be found in the Release Notes which will be available on MNI’s Support site from 15.06.2015.

MedNeXt+ is Supported and Ready to Run on Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud.


MedNet International today announced that MedNeXt+ version 6.0 has achieved Oracle Exadata Ready and Oracle Exalogic Ready status through Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). Today’s announcement demonstrates that Mednet International supports MedNeXt+version 6.0 with Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Weblogic Server and Oracle Linux.

The Oracle technology stack enabled MedNet International to complement MedNeXt+ with features and functionality that are vital to their customers and provide a solid, powerful and best-of-breed solution.

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine delivers extreme performance and is the ideal database platform for OLTP applications, data warehouses as well as the varied and unpredictable workloads of cloud computing. It is a complete package of servers, storage, networking, and software that is massively scalable, secure and redundant.

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is hardware and software engineered together to provide extreme performance, reliability and scalability for Oracle, Java and other business applications, while helping deliver lower TCO, reduced risk, higher user productivity and one-stop support.

“The new architecture of Oracle Database 12c expands our ability to offer our solutions on the cloud and its new innovative features offer new levels of performance, efficiency, security, and availability,”said Gerry Raftopoulos, General Manager.

“When partners such as MedNet International leverage Oracle Exastack Ready products as the foundation for their applications, they benefit from a complete, integrated and cloud-ready infrastructure that can help them utilize new features and functionality and drive innovation,” said David Hicks, Vice President, Worldwide ISV and OEM Business Development, Oracle. “We are pleased to see MedNet International achieve Oracle Exadata Ready and Oracle Exalogic Ready status as this significant milestone helps equip them to deliver superior value to customers.”

29 August 2014
New MedNeXt+ Release 6.02.11

MNI officially announces that the 3rd MedNeXt+ Release in 2014 (namely MedNeXt+ 6.02.11) is available from Friday 29.08.2014.

MedNeXt+ 6.02.11 at high level it includes:

  1. Around 40 Customer Requests

  2. Significant number of technology upgrades.  For example:

    1. Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) Release

    2. Oracle DB Patch Set Update

    3. WebLogic Server Patch Set Update

    4. Jrockit upgrade with the latest Jrockit version jdk1.6.0_75-R28.3.2-4.1.0

  3. Key additional functionality.  For example:

    1. Usage of OBIEE as a replacement of the obsolete Discover (the two tools will co-exist until the end of year)

    2. Replacement of all old .rdf reports (obsolete and unsupported Oracle reporting tool) with BI Publisher

    3. New Family Hold functionality

    4. Enhancement on premium computation to support factors on custom fields

    5. New Copy Plan Functionality

    6. New Copy Custom Field Set Functionality

    7. Functionality for importing procedure related data

    8. Implementation of Auditing Mechanism for Authorisation Procedures

4. Performance improvements on invoice computation

Details of the new functionality can be found in the Release Notes which will be available on MNI’s Support site.

The 4th MedNeXt Release in 2014 will be available in December 2014.

April 2014
MedNeXt+ 6.02.09 Release

68 customer requests, significant Oracle technology upgrades, usability improvements for fast data entry and functionality supporting chronic case management.

Please contact us for more information on the new features of the release.

January 2014
MedNet International becomes Oracle Platimum Partner

Oracle Platinum Partner

MedNet International has achieved six Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) specializations and became Oracle Platinum Partner. By attaining Platinum level membership, Oracle has recognized MedNet International for its in-depth expertise and excellence in implementing Oracle Database and achieving Oracle Exastack Ready status for addressing the challenges of joint customers in the Health Insurance Industry. 
Over the last 20 years, Oracle provided technology continuity and innovation supporting MedNet International’s product evolution strategy.  The performance and scalability provided by Oracle Technology helped MedNet International to meet its business objectives and support effectively international customers of different sizes. Recently, the use of Oracle ADF and Oracle ADF Mobile enabled MedNet international to offer state-of-the art technology. Further, Oracle engineered systems together with the Exastack optimization program expanded its capabilities to address large and demanding customers.
“Achieving Platinum Level status has been a new significant milestone in our long-lasting and successful cooperation with Oracle. As an Oracle Platinum level member, we will be able to offer our customers a wider range of solutions and services,” said Gerry Raftopoulos, CEO MedNet International.

“We congratulate MedNet International on achieving the Platinum partner status in the Oracle  PartnerNetwork, proving once more that they are a committed and high-performing partner that values and invests in a long-term relationship with Oracle, for the benefit of customers,” commented Pavlos Hadjidemetriou, Alliances & Channel Sales Director, Oracle CEE.


June 2013
MedNeXt+ Achieves Oracle Exadata and Exalogic status

Exadata optimised Exalogic Optimised

Using the Oracle Exadata and Exalogic Machines with MedNeXt+ ensures optimal performance even with the most demanding workloads.

  • 20x improvement (AVG) on the number of MedNeXt+ concurrent users
  • 20x Improvement (AVG) MedNeXt+ completed transactions per hour
  • 2.5x improvement on the number of MedNeXt+ concurrent users
December, 2012
Signal Iduna Poland is now operating on MedNeXt+


Signal Iduna Poland have successfully migrated from MedNeXtV to MedNeXt+.


December, 2012
MedNeXt+ Achieves Oracle Exadata Ready and Oracle Exalogic Ready Status



MedNeXt+ 06.02 has achieved Oracle Exadata Ready, Oracle Exalogic Ready and Oracle Linux Ready status through Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

More information: https://solutions.oracle.com/scwar/sc/Partner/SC2PP-MNI.html

September 2012
Seguros Monterrey New York Life goes live on MedNeXt+

After a successful implementation project that lasted less than a year, Seguros Monterrey New York Life in Mexico started operations on MedNeXt+.

07 November, 2011
MedNet Cyprus is now operating on MedNeXt+


September 2011
MedNet Greece now operates on MedNeXt+


After a period of parallel operation MedNet Greece has swiched-over its entire operation to MedNeXt+.


07 July 2011
New Oracle Press Release on MNI


Oracle published a new press release describing MNI`s achievement in leveraging Oracle Technology and the Oracle Fusion Middleware within MedNeXt+.


01 July 2011
DKV Belgium selected MedNext+ as their core health insurance system

DKV Belgium Logo

As part of their IT Masterplan, DKV Belgium have decided to introduce MedneXt+ in their new IT landscape as their core health insurance system.  The project will start in September 2011 and is expected to last approximately 4.5 years.

6 June 2010
MedNeXt+ is included in Oracle`s Customer Success Stories!

MedNeXt+ has been acknowledged by Oracle as one of the JDeveloper/ADF success stories on global scale.

Read also Oracle’s case study about MedNet International.

MedNet International is quoted by Oracle as one of the leading organisations worldwide who have chosen Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R1.

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